Window Cleaning

Windows are the first victims of dust in the air and different properties suffer different levels of dust, grease and grime, so at Bubbles & Suds we offer a varying frequency for each clean - 4, 6 or 8 weeks to suit your personal needs.

For those customers that also require the insides of their windows cleaned, we can also do that for you.

Regular window cleaning will not only keep your windows looking sparkling clean but can also prevent the deterioration of the frame, sills and seals, prolonging the life of your windows.

We also use purified water that has had all those nasty chemicals removed to ensure no unnecessary damage is caused to those precious areas of your windows in the long term.

If you are one of those customers that likes to know when your window cleaner is coming, just let us know, and we will contact you prior to visiting by either email, phone or text.

Priding ourselves on offering a professional friendly and efficient service, Bubbles & Suds work with you, the customer, to offer the complete package, whatever your needs.

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